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France Cinema Floride is both committed to promote new French films in South Florida and to showcase the vitality and the diversity of the third film industry in the world: comedies and dramas, box office hits in France and novelties, first features and films from confirmed writer-directors, art house movies as well as mainstream films.

Since the beginning in 2004, the selection has become exclusively a series of World and International Premieres, U.S. and North American Premieres, East Coast Premieres and Florida Premieres.

Well-known French directors as well as new talents have been invited to present their film at FCF: Patrick Braoudé, Brigitte Roüan, Jérôme Soubeyrand, Marina Tomé, Jean Louis Lefèvre, Julie Deslauriers, Franck Mancuso, André Lazare, Philippe Muyl, Dany Boon, Kad Merad, Mélanie Doutey, Gilles Lelouche, Frédéric Berthe, Pascal Elbé, Kev Adams, William Lepghil, Jeff Cayrey.

Additionally, France Cinema Floride has become more popular among the Florida community in all its diversity. All screenings are open to the public and people from all walks of life and all zip codes of Greater Florida come to FCF.

Scheduled a few days after the American Film Market, France Cinema Floride has become a visible and prestigious French film event taking place in South Florida at the end of each year.

French Feeling Films is an American company distributing French movies in VO-STA (original version with American subtitles) directed by two professionals of the movie industries for the last 32 years: Patrick Gimenez and André Lazare have alone or together produced and distributed over 192 movies.
Their mission is to distribute French movies in the US and encourage French culture and language through the movies, and to form a bridge between American and French movie industries.

SET UP A SPECIAL EVENT where people have the opportunity to view new French films yet unreleased in the US.
SET UP A SPECIAL FORUM where movie industry representatives from France and the US can meet and exchange their views.
OFFER A SPECIAL MEETING PLACE where to encounter directors, actors, movie producers and distributors as well as other film lovers.
REACH OUT THE STUDENTS OF FRENCH, (Schools and Universities) and give them an opportunity to experience language and culture through movies.

General Director France/USA: Patrick Gimenez
Co-Programmation: Eric Tellene
Miami Dade Director Advertising - Elbio Sabatel
Press Relations: Laurence Oxenberg
Public Relations Palm Beach County: Barbara S. Fiedor
Technical manager/Liaison films: Nataly Quilleré
Advertising Miami Dade County: French Feeling Films
Graphic designer: Whenever Inc
Website: Corine Timon
Photographer: Liam Gimenez
Box Office: Chelsea Gimenez
Coordinator for Miami Volunteer team: Carla Gallardo


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